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Welcome to Featherbridge

An Integrative Healing and Counseling Alternative for all Life Forms

My name is Deanne Knowland. Feather Bridge is the name of my business. I am a psychic medium, channel, and catalyst for healing. I provide spiritual guidance through intuitive consultations for people, places, pets, and plants. In essence, I hold energetic space for transformation to occur. I do psychic reads by telephone. Sometimes I work in person when clearing the energy of a location, or addressing certain animal rehabilitation and behavioral issues. When appropriate, I channel spirits from the higher realms and angelic guides.

I am very busy, but I will do my best to respond as quickly as possible to any inquiries.


Other Info:

Don't give me too much information! I prefer not to know details in advance. I only need the name and description for animals--nothing in advance for people.

There is no need to consult a psychic for a general reading more than once or twice a year. Things usually don't change very fast. On occasion, you may wish to consult with me for a brief update. Sometimes with interspecies communication (i.e. talking to your pet) you need a series of sessions, but often once can be enough.

Please understand that this is WORK. A lot of time, energy, and preparation can occur before a session even begins. Part of your fee is to compensate me for that, and not just the time spent talking to me on the phone.

Many people don't quite understand that psychic work can be just as effective long distance as it is done in person. I prefer to work by telephone, connecting to you through your voice or a hard copy of a photo that has been mailed to me.


My rates:

I charge $75/hour (or $1.25 per minute).

My fee can be sent as a personal check after our session is completed.


Contact Info:

You can either call my business number at (510) 407-6439 or email me at deanne@featherbridge.com (please be patient if you email me, as I do not always check it every day).


About Me - I first started having psychic experiences when I was a child...

Favorite Links - A few favorite links of my friends and colleagues.

How I work - This page walks you through the process of how to set up a session and explains a bit about how I work.

Testimonials - some testimonials from those I've worked with.

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