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Other Links

These are the sites of some of my friends and colleagues (in alphabetical order):

  • Butterfly Glassworks - Beautiful glasswork designs by Margy David.

  • Harmonic Gatherings - This is the website of a friend of mine, Carol Marie for spiritual guidance and support.

  • Corelight - Leslie Temple-Thurston's site. She does great workshops and darshans.

  • Direct Images - This is Bill and Bev Knowland's site for multimedia projects.

  • Pamela Heath.com - Pamela Heath's website. She is author of two books and is an unusual mix of professional psychic and parapsychologist.

  • Polarity Wellness - Miriam Jacobs runs the Berkeley Polarity Center. Check out her site for more information on the work she does and the classes she teaches in the San Francisco Bay Area. She also has a wellness program for companies, called In Balance.

  • Problems>Solutions>Inovations - Lyn Buchanan's remote viewing website. Check out his classes.


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