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Deanne’s calming voice and demeanors put me at ease right away. Sammie was another story. It was a good thing that I prepared some photographs of Sammie for Deanne to start her reading. The insight Deanne had surprised me.

Deanne looked puzzled, “Sammie is showing me a dog, but you don’t have a dog here…….. Sammie wants to tell you that she is not really afraid of the dog. But she finds the dog energy difficult to be around.” I smiled and told Deanne that I was dog-sitting for 2 weeks recently. Having a dog around was a very traumatic experience for Sammie. She walked around the dog and avoided the “dog area” of the house at all costs. I thought Sammie was afraid of the dog.

I asked Deanne to please ask Sammie not to run across the street. After all, Sammie is quite old and I sometimes wonder if she can really see or hear anything. “Sammie said that she knows to avoid cars. Sammie said that she found something she likes beyond a white picket fence …..” Deanne came in the evening. My neighbors’ white picket fence was not obvious. Sammie does like to hang out over there.

 It must have been very obvious to Deanne how much I love this cat and think she is the most beautiful cat in the world. Deanne, in all seriousness, told me that “beauty” is not how Sammie sees herself. “Sammie prides herself as being intelligent and elegant. She knows her movement is graceful.” This is my cat, indeed.

 “Spiritually, what is this relationship about?” “It is karmic, not in the sense that you two had past lives together. Sammie was a heavenly gift to you from a female relative, an aunt.” As someone believing in reincarnation, I asked Deanne if Sammie would come back after this lifetime to be my pet again. “Let me ask Sammie …… Sammie said that she would like that, too. But she is not sure if she wants to be a cat again. She said she may want to be a dog or a bird. She sees that dogs follow you around, go places with you. She often wonders what you do all day after leaving the house in the morning. She sees that birds fly around with a lot more freedom.”

Near the end of this reading, Sammie was enjoying being stroked and patted by Deanne. In the weeks following Deanne’s visit, Sammie has chosen to hang out more in our backyard. She rarely crosses the street to my neighbors’ house now. In ways I never imagined possible, Sammie and I are getting closer. At least for me, I have become a lot more aware of every moment we spend together. I treasure them that much more.

 A reading by Deanne turned out to be a great Christmas present for me as well.

Wen Shen, Oakland, CA.

* * * * * * * *

I highly recommend Deanne Knowland. Her remarkable skills helped save a pet's life and spared me , and the pet owner a lot of anxiety and expense. Thanks to Deanne's intuitive /healing abilities, extensive technique with animal behavior and communication, professional demeanor, and calm presence- a potential nightmare was prevented.

I was managing the sale of a family property. The residents had all moved out except an elderly cat who'd barricaded itself within the maze of floorboards and walls of the attic. For days, I and others tried luring the frightened feline with treats and prompting-to no avail. She wouldn't even come out for her owner whom she loves! Concerned for the cat's safety, we were considering ripping the walls open and postponing the open house tour scheduled for the next day. I was about to call animal control or the fire department when a friend suggested Ms. Knowland.

To my wonder, relief and great appreciation the cat revealed itself to Deanne and came out of hiding, and was happily sent off to her new home. The tour proceeded as planned and the house rapidly sold. Ms. Knowland is a resourceful blessing.

Eric Schnurmacher, CA

* * * * * * * *

Deanne is firmly supporting me during an intense and sensitive shedding/rebirthing/growth period in my life. She is supportive in a genuine, brave, fearless, honest, confident, and nurturing way. I see her both as a role model and a friend. She never passes judgment on me, instead coming from a place of love. I am sensitive, so I can feel purity in her character. I quickly learned not to fear her as I had so many people before her who knew me vulnerably. She is talented in making contact with and communicating with spirit...profoundly. If you are seeking spiritual guidance here, you will find yourself in good hands.

Teresa Louisell

* * * * * * * *

Deanne Knowland has been our pet intuitive for many years. She helped us and our first dog understand that her cat friend had to pass into spirit. She later helped our two new cats adapt and welcome our new puppy into the family. Also, Deanne helped me make a deal with a very stubborn cat, a deal which this cat has honored to this day. She has also helped us to understand and successfully cope with various health problems with our pets. Deanne is very talented and we, and our pets, all love her.

Jeanine Saperstein, Piedmont, CA

* * * * * * * *

In November 2006 I had a series of strange or rather inexplicable occurrences transpire over a two week period in connection with my mother who died almost four years ago.  I am in a writer’s group where I live on Martha’s Vineyard.  Each week we read a story.  I had begun reading stories I had written in a one month period nine months after my mother died.  These were “incidents from my youth.”  Not pleasant stories, many about my mother.  That week I received a 16-page letter written by my mother, all stories I had never heard about her childhood.  Why these pages surfaced from being wedged between a drawer and the wood inside a small bureau and then through a friend of a friend arrived by mail when they did I am not sure.  The next week I received a phone call from my mother.  Although one may find an explanation as to why my mother’s phone number appeared on the phone when the blinking light on the base let me know I had missed a call, one still would never be able to explain why just her name appeared with the telephone number, as it had never been listed in her name.  After checking with my children and learning the phone had not even rung when I was out with the dogs, I found  myself becoming more and more agitated.  I phoned an old friend of mine who gave me Deanne’s name and number.  I spoke with her the day following the phone call.  Although we had never met and only had this opportunity to speak at length I found her to be an incredibly calming force.  Her keen perceptions, her insight, and the manner in which she conveys herself all worked to relieve me, give me a needed sense of ease while  bridging some of the confusion I had been feeling about my mother.  Instead of trying to keep thoughts of my mother from disturbing me, disapproving as she was, Deanne gave me a frame of reference which allowed me to embrace the friendship my mother and I managed later in life and trust that though she had been unable to communicate her emotions to me in life that she was still there for me, maybe not in the way I had always longed for her, but in the only way she ever could be.  This proved to be a turning point and allowed me to move forward without being weighted down simply by the pain of the past. I appreciate finding someone with Deanne’s gift and communication abilities. 
Valerie Sonnenthal, Martha's Vineyard

* * * * * * *

I was having such problems with my dog. Molly was aggressive towards strangers - we couldn't trust her with anyone! And she was biting my husband and sons. I was afraid I was going to have to put my dog down--she was simply too unpredictable and dangerous. Deanne did good work with Molly. Molly is a changed dog, and it only took one session. Deanne told me to to watch Molly's eyes. It's amazing! And it only took one session.

Heather Blome, Minnesota

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