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I was born in Berkeley, California. I began having psychic experiences as an infant and was actively exploring those abilities by age 11.

Since then, I have studied with:

  •  Parapsychologist Loyd Auerbach

  •  Radio and TV psychic Annette Martin

  •  Parapsychologist and psychic Pamela Heath

  •  Controlled remote viewer Lyn Buchanan

  •  Spiritual teacher/intuitive Carol Marie

  •  Enlightenment teacher Leslie Temple-Thurston

  •  Renowned author and inter-species communicator Penelope Smith

  •  Reiki master and animal communicator Jeri Ryan

  •  Tellington Touch expert Debra Potts

  •  Alchemical healer and shaman Nicki Scully

  •  The founder of Quantum Touch Richard Gordon

  •  Huna healer and master hypnotherapist Belinda Ferral

  •  Angel worker Doreen Virtue

  •  Master of the Fourth Way, Michael Park

  •  Intuitive consultant David Groode

  •  Psychic light worker Marge Cuddebach

  •  Psychic surgeon Jodell Bumatay

  •  Reiki Master and astrologer Marie Elena

  •  Walnut Creek Psychic Institute

I also consider myself influenced by:

  •  Jesus Christ

  •  Buddha

  •  Ammachi

  •  The Dali Lama

  •  St. Francis of Assisi

  •  Mother Mary

  •  Guan Yin

  •  Tara

  •  Sehkmet

  •  Thoth.

  •  Archangel Michael

For the last ten years, I have worked as a professional psychic medium, channel, and catalyst for healing. I provide spiritual guidance through intuitive consultations for people, places, pets, and plants. In essence, I hold energetic space for transformation to occur. I do psychic reads by telephone. Sometimes I work in person when clearing the energy of a location, or addressing certain animal rehabilitation and behavioral issues. When appropriate, I channel spirits from the higher realms and angelic guides.


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